design to manufacturing to installation

Over the years, we’ve begun working with companies and organizations at all stages of the sign design and manufacturing process. Whether it’s a sketch on a napkin or a finalized logo, we will work with you step-by-step, side-by-side until there’s quality-designed and crafted signage for your business that you’re proud of. Midtown Signs is purposely flexible so our team can meet you where you are in the process. This not only keeps your costs down and budget in check, but it also ensures we deliver exactly what you need, exactly how you expect it—from design to manufacturing and installation to maintenance.

We work with anything you give us, from vague ideas to Adobe files.

Midtown Signs works with many different design software packages and is an Adobe Authorized Service Provider. Our staff is a whiz with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Art Cam Pro, Corel Draw and Gerber Omega. We are MPC certified fabricators.